About The Show

Buenos Dias mi Amor is a Spanish language morning show that airs and broadcasts live on Channel 26 at Mega TV in Dallas Fort Worth. "Buenos Dias mi Amor" is hosted by Dr. Janet Alvarez and co-hosted by celebrities, local personalities, singers, national reporters, political analysts and it can also be cohosted by you.

This morning show is a fun and amusing program that showcases the best of Latin entertainment and offers vital information for the Hispanic community including the latest news and current events.

Buenos Dias Mi Amor with Dr. Janet Alvarez (known as The Public Defender) is a refreshing, innovative, social, educational, and political multi-media morning show hosted by the Latin political satirist, writer, television host, actress, and investigative journalist.

On the cutting edge Dr. Alvarez, drew the wrath of self-styled moralists even as she used wit and humor to provide a new kind of morning show.

Buenos Dias Mi Amor integrates mobile, the internet, and the most sophisticated technology and cutting edge graphic designs. This new format will highlight Alvarez’s outgoing and straightforward personality. In addition to these technological enhancements, this exciting multi-media morning show will provide viewers satirical analysis on controversial local and national stories.

Our Segments

1Musical Wake-up Call

Every morning the show will begin with an introduction to Janet and a musical performance by a musical band.

2Community Support

The public will submit their complaints via skype video, email, phone, text, or in person. The host will begin its investigation with the public and together we will help and try and solve the issues. In this segment we will have a community leader co-hosting.

3The Morning Angels

Is our group of volunteers who in collaboration with local institutions and privately owned companies will provide services and resources to people in need.

4Legal Matters

The public will submit their questions and lawyers will provide their legal advice. Also, this segment will also highlight current issues on immigration reform.

5Dear Janet

In this segment the audience will discuss sentimental and emotional problems and the host and the audience will provide solutions.

6Let's Work

This section will present in detail ten jobseekers who are presently looking for jobs and ten employers seeking employees.

7Our Businesses

Present the different problems that businesses face in the current economic climate. Provide solutions from experts and the public such as marketing and human resources.


Help and give tips to the public on makeup, attire, hair styles etc.


Audience will send video showcasing their talent in entertainment.


Discuss the latest celebrity news in the entertainment industry. Co-hosted by a gossip columnist and/or a guest celebrity.

11Pack your bags & let's go shopping

Top 10 articles we need in our home.

12Let's Travel

This section will highlight popular destinations.

When and Where

Buenos Dias Mi Amor is aired from produced entirely in Dallas, Texas at Mega TV dedicated to entertaining its audience.

This one hour show includes 8 exciting segments accompanied by a musical band.


Buenos Dias Mi Amor provides your business the opportunity to reach an ethnically and culturally diverse audience.

The distinctive stamp and prestige of Dr. Janet Alvarez offers the assurance of achieving a resounding success with the Texan Hispanic market.